Beyond the Notes: Beethoven in Vienna

Beyond the Notes: Beethoven in Vienna

Join us for our February Beyond the Notes featuring three Beethoven piano and violin sonatas performed by Mădălina-Claudia Dănila, Sendi Vartanova, and Taiysia Losmakova.


  • Sonata for piano op. 2 no.1 in F minor (1795): dedicated to Joseph Haydn 

  • Sonata for piano and violin op.12 no.3 in E flat major (1798): dedicated to Antonio Salieri: 

  • Sonata for piano and violin op. 30 no.2 in C minor (1802): dedicated to Tsar Alexander I of Russia 

Beethoven wrote these three sonatas while living in Vienna, where he moved in 1792 and which subsequently became his base. Each bears a dedication to a person who played a role in his life while he was living in this most musical of cities. He went to Vienna to study under Joseph Haydn, whose influence helped him gain a reputation as a virtuoso pianist and improviser performing for nobility in Vienna’s many musical salons. Once in Vienna, Beethoven began receiving instruction in the Italian vocal style from Antonio Salieri, the Austrian imperial Kapellmeister and former teacher of Mozart. And in 1802, he met Tsar Alexander I, who came to Vienna fresh from having swept through the Caucasus to conquer Georgia. These connections influenced Beethoven’s development as a composer and helped shape his career. 

Light refreshments served. Boyer recital credit given for students attending in person. 

This program will also be live streamed via Zoom Webinar, for those who are unable to attend or prefer a virtual format. Access the live stream here:

Our programs are geared toward a general audience and are open to all, including Temple students, faculty, staff, alumni, neighbors, and friends. Registration is encouraged.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2023
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Charles Library Event Space
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