Electronics Faire: {Almost} Free Radio Stations

Electronics Faire: {Almost} Free Radio Stations

{almost} Free Radio Stations, guides inexperienced participants through the simple process of hacking together a single radio transmitter out of obsolete electronics, while discussing e-waste and design, the social function of radio, and wireless audio. Surplus and broken electronics are made ubiquitous by a complex network of extractive, economic, and material systems that continue to have deadly ecological impacts. Both technical and social access to these systems is still well guarded by power structures with vested interest in the who and how of repair and true ownership of our devices. Unpacking this complexity with our own hands, this workshop will introduce basic electronics skills by de-obsolescing an FM radio transmitter. Participants will leave this not only with their own upcycled radio station, but the skills needed to lead this workshop on their own.

About the Instructor:

Ed Bear [b. 1983] is an American performing artist and engineer working with robotics, sound, video, transmission, and collective improvisation. As an educator and designer committed to an open-source world, he researches and practices material reuse as a civil responsibility. He has toured extensively in North America, Asia, and Europe as a performer, technical producer, and teacher, and worked with acclaimed museums, artists, and musicians, and leading education and research institutions.

Friday, April 26, 2024
1:00pm - 2:30pm
Loretta C. Duckworth Scholars Studio
Main Campus
  Digital Scholarship  

Registration is required. There are no seats available but a waiting list is available.