Glenn Ellis: The History of Blacks in American Medicine

Glenn Ellis: The History of Blacks in American Medicine

Join us for this conversation with Glenn Ellis about Black health in America, with a focus on revealing and reframing the history of medicine in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia is not only the birthplace of this nation, but the birthplace of medicine as well. Philadelphia’s role in medical history is unparalleled: the nation's first hospital; first eye hospital;  first medical school; first college of pharmacy; first medical school for women; first medical center for children—a history that is deep and central to the evolution of medicine that has resulted in the marvels of modern medicine. But, buried deep in the history and literature, is the vast swath of rich history and tradition of the presence and imprint of Black doctors. Without the contributions and impact of Black doctors, much of what we benefit from today would not exist. Yet, the complex history of race in the medical profession is rarely acknowledged and often misunderstood.

Glenn Ellis, MPH is a health educator, lecturer, advocate, medical historian, and syndicated health columnist. Ellis is a visiting scholar at the National Bioethics Center at Tuskegee University and was a research bioethics fellow at Harvard Medical School. He is an active media contributor on health equity and medical ethics and is also the author of Which Doctor? (2006) and Information in the Best Medicine (2012). In addition to a weekly, nationally syndicated health column, he also hosts a weekly public health program on Philadelphia’s WURD Radio. Following 10 years of research, Glenn is currently curating a permanent, museum exhibition on The History of Blacks in Philadelphia Medicine 1700s-1970s, as well as a book on the same topic.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
2:00pm - 3:00pm

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