Book Club: The Diamond Cutter’s Daughter: A Poet’s Memoir by Elaine Terranova

Book Club: The Diamond Cutter’s Daughter: A Poet’s Memoir by Elaine Terranova

Meet us on Zoom for our lunchtime book discussion of Elaine Goldstein Terranova’s, CLA ‘61, The Diamond Cutter’s Daughter: A Poet’s Memoir.

“In Terranova’s memoir, vignettes sparkle like her father’s precious stones. Born in 1939 in Philadelphia as the youngest child and only daughter in an Orthodox Jewish family, she quietly flouts cultural norms. Through agile, sensual prose, the reader sees a black-haired brother and his red-haired wife as ‘a game of checkers, a regal battle.’ This lovely book functions as an elegy for a father who was late to appreciate his daughter’s gift. ‘A diamond, they say, lasts forever, but so too, I’d wanted to tell him, does some writing.’” 
     —Natasha Sajé, author of Terroir: Love Out of Place 

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We also invite you to join us for our Midday Arts reading on September 20 featuring Terranova and to visit Charles Library’s Albert M. Greenfield Special Collections Research Center Reading Room during the month of October to view selections from Elaine Terranova’s papers. This pop-up exhibit will feature materials that she donated to the SCRC documenting her career as a poet, writer, editor and teacher.  

This program will be presented via Zoom. On the day of the program, use this link to join:

Our programs are geared toward a general audience and are open to all, including Temple students, faculty, staff, alumni, neighbors, and friends. Registration is encouraged.

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Thursday, October 6, 2022
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Registration is required. There are 3 seats available.